The Amsterdam canals breathe history, which is well acknowledged by their inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2010. During the seventeenth century, the ‘Golden Age’, Amsterdam was the most powerful city in the known world: its fleet ruled the oceans and its citizens were the driving force behind the world trade.


The history of Amsterdam includes many marvels and just as many tragedies, ranging from pragmatic medieval laws regarding prostitution to the origins of the modern-day stock exchanges and from the ban on the Catholic Church to the fate that struck the city’s Jewish citizens during the Second World War. History2go will show you how a medieval fisherman’s village on the boggy shores of the Southern Sea was able to evolve, over the course of eight centuries, into the dynamic metropolis that is current-day Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam city tour can be bought in the In-App store for only € 4.49 or US$ 4.99.

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